Supply Chain

Route Performance

Forging Pathways to Supply Chain
Efficiency Through Route Optimization

Understanding and improving route performance is a fundamental aspect of supply chain management. Contguard’s AI-based cargo monitoring platform offers an unparalleled approach to analyzing route and carrier performance, providing the insights needed to make informed decisions.

By using Contguard’s advanced solutions, businesses can ensure they are choosing the best routes and carriers based on reliable, data-driven insights, leading to enhanced performance, reduced costs, and customer satisfaction.

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Data Analysis

Utilize anonymized aggregated data across all clients to comprehensively assess in-transit performance.


Compare carrier performance metrics to select the most reliable and efficient options. 


Gain actionable insights to optimize route selection, prevent unnecessary delays and improve delivery times. 


Maximize ROI and minimize costs by choosing high-performing routes and carriers.  

Demurrage Analysis

Be Done with Unnecessary
Demurrage Costs

Efficiently manage and alleviate container demurrage costs through Contguard’s CGI platform, designed with a unique Demurrage feature. Mitigating demurrage expenses stands as a critical element in optimizing supply chain efficiency. Contguard’s platform offers a robust solution, employing real-time alerts and proactive management, helping businesses minimize these expensive charges and prevent unnecessary delays in port container storage.
Contguard’s IoT-enabled demurrage reporting includes:

Demurrage Manager

Seamlessly handle demurrage fees by inputting pertinent details about port-free days in accordance with your diverse carrier contracts.

Demurrage Monitoring

This unique functionality enables precise monitoring of container locations and provides exact details on free-day exceedances, empowering prompt action to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Automated Alerts

Receive timely notifications as containers approach the conclusion of their free period, preventing demurrage charges from occurring.

Cost Forecasting

Access comprehensive forecasts of potential demurrage costs, facilitating enhanced budgeting and cost control.

Predictive Delays Analysis

Access comprehensive forecasts of potential demurrage costs, facilitating enhanced budgeting and cost control.

Contguard’s AI-Powered ETA

Accurate ETA, Every Step of The Way:

Accurate Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) forecasts are crucial in the logistics industry. Contguard leverages IoT technology, extensive historical data, and cutting-edge AI analytics to offer highly dependable predictions.

Beyond comparing reliable ETAs to PTAs (Planned Time of Arrival), Contguard delivers precise AI-based ETAs for each leg of your shipment’s journey and its final destination. Contguard’s reliable AI-powered ETA enables businesses to strategize with increased certainty and efficiency. This contributes to reducing wait times and boosting overall supply chain reliability.

AI-Based Precise ETA

Employing advanced algorithms with vast datasets, Contguard offers one of the most reliable ETA predictions in the industry. Receive accurate AI-based ETAs for every segment of your shipment's route and its destination.

Weather Adaptation

Incorporating real-time weather data to predict and adjust ETAs accordingly throughout your cargo’s journey.

Port Congestion

Factoring in current and historical port congestion data to enhance ETA accuracy.

Carrier Route

Utilizing data on carrier routes for more precise ETA projections.


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