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Real-Time Security Alerts and Risk Mitigation for Safer, Secure Shipments

Contguard stands at the forefront of transforming supply chain security and efficiency. Our advanced platform, powered by state-of-the-art IoT and AI technology, excels in mitigating risks and preventing thefts in real-time. We offer an unparalleled security solution that actively monitors and protects your cargo throughout its journey. With our system, you receive instant alerts on any suspicious activities or deviations, enabling rapid response to potential security threats. This proactive approach to security is reinforced by our 24/7 escalznter, ensuring continuous vigilance and immediate action. Contguard’s commitment to real-time monitoring and alerting not only enhances the security of your cargo but also contributes significantly to maintaining the integrity and efficiency of your supply chain operations.

Our team

Yiftach Nativ


Eviatar Cohen

Co-founder CBDO

Oren Barzilay

Director of Business Development

Roy Veller


Efrat Levi


Linoy Levi

Director of Global Operations

Hagai Cibulski


Linor Yochelman

Legal Counselor & HR Manager

Yura Mykhaylov

Key Account Manager

Mikel Vaessen

Key Account Manager

Gal Popovich

VP of Finance

Tomer Blenaru

Director of Product & Customer Success

Or bechor

Operations Coordinator

Shuki Herzlinger

EVP Sales

Ohad Michaeli

VP Engineering

Tal Katzir

Global Sales Director


Contguard is unwavering in its commitment to environmental sustainability, recognizing the pivotal role of energy conservation in achieving this mission. Our proactive efforts are aimed at contributing to a greener world through conscientious practices and innovative solutions.

In alignment with our commitment, we have implemented a comprehensive awareness program to systematically reduce energy consumption across both our workplace and global operations.

At the core of our eco-friendly vision is the use of reusable IoT devices. Through our global reverse logistics services, we ensure these devices are responsibly reused, reflecting our dedication to environmental consciousness.

Taking innovation a step further, Contguard has developed a cutting-edge, smart AI-based algorithm—a game-changer in the quest to reduce CO2 emissions. This revolutionary technology analyzes shipment emissions, considering transportation models, idle and movement durations in designated segments, and other critical factors to deliver a comprehensive emissions report. Going beyond mere analysis, it empowers businesses to identify key opportunities for optimizing logistics operations and making significant strides in reducing carbon footprints.

Contguard aspires to foster a culture of energy conservation that not only enriches our organization but also positively impacts the environment as a whole.


ISo certifications

Contguard has been awarded ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications, the internationally
recognized standards that ensure that our products and services meet the global standards.

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