Is Your Cargo Protected?Do you really know what happens to your cargo before and after it leaves its origin? Did you ever open your container and found out that something is missing? Thousands of containers are being breached every day. Now you can know!

Do You Know Where Your Cargo Is?Do unexpected delays cause a serious damage to your chain of supply? In today’s world the need for real-time information is a number one commodity. We can deliver it to you anywhere and any time you need it.

Let Us Monitor Your Cargo 24/7!With ContGuard’s latest technology tracking products and state of the art control center you can get a full real-time information package to keep you on top of things right when you need it. No more blurry information about your cargo location or its integrity. Contact us today!

End-To-End Solutions

A comprehensive service that provides real-time information package and security solutions for your cargo

ContGuard delivers a real time information package to help you control your cargo’s integrity, using the best tool to locate, plan ahead and to save on unnecessary expenses caused by lack of information that is crucial to maintain a sufficient supply chain and up to date information. Read more…

Our Products

Our cutting edge devices track and monitor your valuable cargo anywhere and anytime

ContGuard’s advanced devices are the leading GPS tracking and monitoring units available today due to unique criteria developed specially for the maritime industry. The units provide essential information regarding the cargo’s location and condition at any given time. Read more…

24/7 Monitoring Services

Our qualified monitoring staff will keep a close eye over your most valuable cargo 24/7

Using our state of the art control center we will closely monitor your cargo 24/7 and alert you about any events along the way. Now you have full information regarding your cargo and what happens to it in real time. Let us bring you full control over your cargo. It is worth it! Read more…

Global Operations Services

ContGuard is globally active in order to deliver the tracking unit anywhere your cargo is loaded

ContGuard had deployed a global network of regional operators that are ready to deliver the tracking units anywhere you need them around the world and collect them at the container destination. Our one of a kind global solution will take care of all your local needs. Read more…

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